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It will, no doubt, a rude caricature. 

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Its tail…

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So this just happened on Facebook.



At first i was, “You fucking assbag, but then i was like, ooohhhhh.

I saw where it was going from the point he mentioned it being the kid’s fault, and nodded with him for pointing out their bs.

Anyone want to play Have You Ever?


I can only answer yes or no. 



The veteran’s piercing gaze fell upon her. Calmly showing the teenager his veteran hat, he grimly glared at the pocket knife that was pressed against her lips. His voice was spine chilling and his words were as sharp as the half zatoichi. “Little girls shouldn’t play with knives. Hell, little girls shouldn’t mettle around the battlefield.Get lost. We don’t want you here.” he spoke in an emotionless voice. His words were harsh but he didn’t want to see another teenager be sent to his/her death. Too many of them were being sent straight to robo-hell this afternoon. None of them could even respawn. They were dispensable so they didn’t need to be given such an advantage.That was Mann Co’s general thoughts in a nutshell. Kids like her shouldn’t even be this close to Mann co’s headquarters.

"I fail to understand your motives here. All of my friends, every single one of them, were tortured and driven to insanity by the company running the building you’re standing in. Did you know they gave me a week to train kids your age to go get killed by Gray Mann’s robots?" he asked fiercely. "You don’t. That’s the reason you’re still around here like a bloody idiot." he snarled. Enraged, or so it seemed, the demoman walked past her. The truth was that he was concerned about her safety. That being said, he wasn’t particularly fond of being considered a protagonist. If he had truly been a protagonist, he wouldn’t be fighting for Mann co.

"My name’s Hibana, in case you were too foolish to heed my warning. This place isn’t made for teenagers. They’re gonna get it from me… Sending those unprepared teenagers straight to hell. That was wrong. If I were you, i’d be careful. You might be next on their list."

Quite frankly, Elizabeth was offended. she narrowed her eyes and took the knife, closing it and placing it back into her pocket. The term ‘Little Girl’ was just as bad as the term ‘Child’ to her. Her lips had parted as she found herself at a loss for words, for the simple fact that all she did was ask this man who he was. 

Once his entire speech was over, she stomped her foot on the ground and turned on her heel to face him as he began to walk past her. She grabbed his arm and forced him to turn around and face him so she could angrily look up at him as she now yelled at him in return for what he had said.

"My name is Elizabeth Maxwell and From the day I was old enough to crawl I was livin’ here with my Mama, and I don’t think you got ANY right to come in here and tell me to leave. My Mama has worked here from  3 years before I was born to now and I am now 16 years old. If you got somethin’ against me and you just met me, you ain’t even right in the head! And if you even dare compare me to a child or call me young ever again I swear on my life that I will make sure you suffer.” She growled before harshly letting go of his arm and pushing him backwards. She turned around and began walking away in a fit of anger. “Men are always the far more ignorant sex.” 

☀ -shyly nudges her back-


"This is very sweet of you, honey.." She said with a gentle smile. 

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